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زندگی‌نامه: Xi鈥檃n Grand Harvest Equipment Co.,Ltd is focus on the scrap copper recycling machine and one stop solution provider in this fields for over more than 20years since earlier 1995.
We have 15 engineer for new products research,development and lauch in the market and we can supply you professional service. Further more,for more professional service , We can supply professional service to global customer based on the special service team with QA,QC, product engineer, technical experts,etc .Our aims is to provide customer high-tech and high-quality proucts to help customer save their cost and labour force.
Our machine besides:
Cable recycling series( wire stripping machine and copper cable wire granulator machine)
Motor recycling series(motor wrecker and motor recycling plant)
Scrap radiator recycling series( radiator stripper machine and radiator recycling plant)
PCB recycling machine
Aluminum and plastic separator machine
Mixed plastic separator machine
Double shaft shredder machine and such this kinds of series machine.
In these years, our machine are passed CE certificate and get good comments from all our customer with their satisfication.

Our Exhibition:Hand/Manual Wire Stripper Machine dealer
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